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Privacy Policy: Your financial information is utilized solely for payment purposes for the conference you are purchasing. Your information will not be redistributed or sold by The American Academy of Psychotherapists or the Mid - Atlantic Chapter. Your information is routed through a secure PNC Bank payment platform called Payeezy. That is it.

Refund Policy: Once you make your payment for the conference, we will not refund your money for non-attendance or cancellation on your part. Basically, if you sign up for a seat, we cannot fill it with another. There is one exception: If you need to cancel, please let us know as much in advance as possible. If there is a waiting list for participation, we will see if we can re-sell your seat and refund your purchase directly to you via a bank check from the Mid Atlantic Region.

Terms and Conditions of Sales: If you click ‘purchase’, you bought a seat to the conference. Final. See refund policy above.

Products & Services: Currently, MAAAP sells admission to a Winter Workshop and Fall Salon. Those are our only products at this date (12/18).

Shopping Cart: NADA…There is no ‘cart’ feature on this site

Contact Info: Currently, if you need to contact anyone regarding the terms of purchase for the conference, please reach Brian Cross, Ph.D./Chair MAAAP at either 202-337-9555 or briancrossphd@me.com.