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Mid-Atlantic Chapter

The American Academy of Psychotherapists

About Us


The Mid Atlantic Region of AAP is one of the two largest concentrations of current AAP members. (The other being the Southern Region - Atlanta). We are growing and diversifying from a maturing population of senior therapists to include younger and newer members from the Mid Atlantic states. We have evolved in recent years from a small, in-house and informal salon meeting to hosting a full day (to day and a half) Winter Workshop, this year at The George Washington University-Mt. Vernon Campus (2/21-2/22 2020) for either 6 or 9 CE Credits. This is our 7th Annual Winter Meeting.

The AAP Mission Statement explains the process and our organization rather well…”to invigorate and support the psychotherapist’s quest for excellence and growth through authentic interpersonal engagement.” This is an ongoing process for all involved. For individuals who decide to join AAP, the relationships that are forged help define both our professional and personal lives. It is a potent formula for developing the self of therapist! The ripple effects’ are felt in our work as therapists, in our friendships, and in our families.

Our Events

Typically, we have two meetings a year in the Mid Atlantic Region. Our larger event is the Winter Workshop where we have an experiential presentation on the Saturday of the workshop called a “Fishbowl." It is a group-within-a-group demonstration by a senior AAP Psychotherapist with a lively discussion of the 'process Fishbowl group' at the end of the morning. This Fishbowl and the subsequent afternoon process groups count as an entire day workshop. Lunch is provided and 6 Continuing Education Credits can be earned for the day. 

If an attendee wishes for a deeper experiential process, they have an option of attending a Friday afternoon/ early evening process groups (2/21/20) at a local AAP therapists office. The Friday afternoon/early evening process group is continued Saturday afternoon after the morning Fishbowl & Lunch.  This option provides 9 Continuing Education Credits. Whether you attend the one or one and a half day options of the Winter Meeting, we finish with a 'Leaderless Large Group Community Meeting'. This meeting is an open forum means of addressing individual, dyadic, and larger group issues residing in ourselves and in the community. We typically explain to newer members that it most closely resembles a Quaker Meeting. 

Additionally, in the fall, typically either in September or October, we have a Salon in the home of one of our members. This is comprised of a large group, Community Meeting, followed by light fare and refreshments. It allows for ongoing contact between members in the local area and especially for those who cannot attend the Summer Workshop or who are still sampling the group and deciding whether to join.